Panic Media Training offers no-nonsense coaching for press interviews, presentations, speeches, legal scenarios and breaking-crisis situations. We teach you how to handle the toughest questions and the most skeptical audiences.

Panic puts you through tough mock interviews: You'll experience what it's like to be scrutinized under our microscope before you go under theirs. Whether you're preparing for a  TED talk, a VC pitch, or an interview with the New York Times, we have you covered. We train leaders in tech, consumer, financial, government and non-profit sectors.

Services Panic Media Training Provides

  • Media Training

  • Message Development

  • Reputation Management

  • Content Writing

  • VC cohort workshops

We pinpoint your weaknesses, evaluate your messaging, then coach you—using your own natural strengths—so you get it right when it counts. Every training is custom crafted for you. Typically clients sit for two or three on-camera interviews in a training. We typically provide half-day or full-day training, complete with HD video, as well as phone and Skype interview practice. We can train one executive or many. And we come to you.

What is media training?

Media training teaches you how to meet your organization’s strategic communications objectives when being interviewed by reporters or when appearing on radio or televisions programs. It’s great to land a big interview with the Wall Street Journal, or be invited to appear on CNBC’s Power Lunch, or Good Morning America. What you say in these interviews, along with your overall demeanor and style, conveys a story to an audience. Media training helps your audience see and hear the story that most benefits your brand.

Benefits of Media Training with Panic

  • Get interviewed by a real tech reporter, Janet Kornblum, who has worked at Reuters, CNET and USA Today. Janet has interviewed Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Case, Pierre Omidyar, Carly Fiorina and even Dennis Rodman (that was fun).

  • Work with media trainers who take the time to dig deep and understand your organization, the competitive landscape, and the messaging vulnerabilities and opportunities ahead of you.

  • Receive a Feedback Report that details key messages and communications opportunities for your organization, suggests answers to tough interview questions, and provides personal and practical suggestions for improving your message delivery.

  • Receive more in-the-field expertise than most large agencies can provide in a media training while paying half the price of a typical training.

  • Once Panic trains you, we’re available for quick complimentary calls, especially helpful to prep for an upcoming interview. We know your story—and we won’t forget it!

We work with investors, PR agencies and consultants, as well as with individuals and in-house communications teams. We're quick, thorough and most of all, honest. CEOs appreciate our tough, but always constructive, feedback and coaching. Investors know their early-stage CEOs benefit by developing and delivering strategic key messages. Public relations executives love us because we make their jobs easier and the outcome of their client’s interviews better. Reporters respect us because a prepared interviewee saves time and provides usable quotes.

Learn More About Media Training

To learn more, or when you need to nail your next interview, contact Janet at Panic.