San Francisco Bay Area-based Panic Media Training offers no-nonsense coaching for press interviews, presentations, speeches, legal scenarios and breaking-crisis situations. We teach you how to handle the toughest questions and the most skeptical audiences. Panic—a two-woman team consisting of an award-winning reporter and internationally-known communications expert—puts you through tough mock interviews: You'll experience what it's like to be scrutinized under our microscope before you go under theirs. Whether you're preparing for a  TED talk, a pitch to venture capitalists or an interview with the New York Times, we have you covered. We train people in tech, consumer, financial, government and non-profit sectors.

In addition to media training, we provide strategic message development, content writing, crisis communication plans and live crisis scenario consulting.

We pinpoint your weaknesses, evaluate your messaging, then coach you—using your own natural strengths—so you get it right when it counts. Every training is custom crafted for you. We do all-day trainings, complete with HD video as well as phone and Skype interviews. We can train one executive or many.

We work with PR companies as well as with individuals and companies. We're quick, thorough and most of all, honest. Public relations experts love us because we make their jobs easier. Reporters love us because a prepared interviewee saves time and gives good quote. As a two-person shop, we offer no-frills pricing.

Panic’s coaches bring you experience from both sides of an interview. Janet Kornblum is a nationally-known reporter of USA Today and CNET fame. Trish McDermott, veteran spokesperson and global media trainer has personally been grilled on 60 Minutes and Nightline. They will find your weaknesses and strengths and make you better. 

When you need to nail your next interview or presentation, call Panic.