Panic Media Training

Panic Media Training offers customized media training based on your needs. Programs include full-day trainings, half-day trainings and hourly consultations. We train you at your office, via phone, or video conferencing. Panic trains individuals, teams and larger groups. On-camera training and performance feedback are available as part of all standard media training packages.  Additional training modules, as listed below, may be added to the standard media training package.

Panic’s Standard Media Training

Participants:  One to three
Time: Three Hours*

  • Baseline Interview:  A challenging mock interview by a real reporter.
  • SWOT (strength, weakness, opportunity, threat) analysis of your interview performance.
  • Getting Your Story Straight: Key messages and strategic sound bites that work for you.
  • Take Control:  Tips and tools for interview management.
  • Demeanor Primer:  Controlling your likeability factor.
  • Follow-up Interview:  Putting everything you’ve learned to work.

Panic’s Additional Training Modules

Time:  Thirty minutes per module*

  • Meet the Press:  Understand how reporters, producers and bloggers do their jobs.
  • Prepare for Interviews:  Background work necessary to make your interview successful.
  • Interview Guidelines: The do’s and don’ts of navigating any interview.
  • Additional Practice:  More mock interviews and performance analysis

Quick Mock Interviews

Time: One hour 

Panic's reporter will run you through a full interview, then the panic team will provide on-the-spot analysis of what worked and what didn't work. You specify the type of interview (earnings, new product, change in management, crisis, etc.) and can submit issues or areas of concern, or let Panic's reporter dig up the dirt herself.  

Same-Day Crisis Training

Panic offers same-day crisis and urgent-need consultations and trainings.  These include dry run trainings, where our veteran reporter will quickly run you through a typical interview, and crisis trainings, where you can try out potential answers to anticipated difficult questions with the evaluation of the Panic team.   Panic can participate in strategic planning involving communications issues related to the crisis and provide on-going consultation as the crisis plays out.

PR Agencies

Panic works hand in hand with PR agencies electing to out-source media training.  Agencies sometimes use Panic to deliver honest feedback to clients. 


Panic specializes in startups, offering a range of services for founders and CEOs, whether they’re veterans or brand new CEOs with little to no experience working with reporters, producers and bloggers. 

Panic’s Unique Media Training Fee Philosophy

Panic’s fees are highly competitive and generally lower than traditional media training organizations and in-house public relations agency training fees.  Panic understand that you’re busy, which is why you’ll want a media training customized to your exact needs, with no wasted time or fees.  

*All times are approximations and may vary based on number of participants.